The island of Zakynthos has very developed resorts and is renowned for its many excellent beaches. More than 60 beaches of all sorts. Dreamy long sandy beaches and romantic tiny rocky bays offer a lot of choices to the visitor of Zakynthos.


South of the city

Laganas gulf and Vassilikos penisula host the biggest and more tourist developed beaches of the island.

Ayios Sosstis, Laganas and Kalamaki beaches compose one of the most famed and extended sandy beaches of Greece. 9Km of continuous sandy beach, with shallow, warm waters and excellent tourist services and amenities.

At the SE end of the island lies Gerakas beach, which is regarded by many as the best beach of Zakynthos. It is a long, exotic, golden sandy beach, with protected natural beauty.

A bit northwards of Gerakas there are the popular, cosmopolitan beaches of Ayios Nikolaos and Banana.

Further northwards we meet the idyllic Porto Zoro beach. And, finally, next to the city, we find Argassi beach. Very organized and busy.


North of the city

North of the city of Zakynthos there is a series of beaches. The most busy and organized are those of Tsivli and Alykes. Other, less busy and organized, are Mbouka, Psarou and Ksehoriatis. Further north, the beaches are more peaceful and picturesque. Here Ksingia beach, Makrys Yalos beach and Ayios Nikolaos beach stand out.


West coast

The west coast of the island is renowned for its wild natural beauty. The beaches here are small and scenic; with many of them accessed only by sea.

Νavagio beachis definitevly the most famed of them; a world renowned beach.

South of Navagio lies the picturesque Porto Vromi beach, at the end of a little fiord. From here leave the boats to Navagio.

Further southwards we meet Porto Limnionas beach and Porto Roksa beach; two rocky bosoms with genuine natural scenic beauty.


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