The island of Hydra is nothing but a stone vessel which floats on the western end of the Aegean Sea. Yet this rocky and dry island is one of the most renowned Greek islands. Her wild natural beauty and her noble traditional architecture attracted many significant artists and writers, already since the 30s. They made her name famous among the cultured circles of Europe. A tradition which is still strong and augments to the island’s reputation by a certain elegant aura.

Hydra, untill she started to become a popular tourist destination, was nothing but a small community of seamen, sailors and fishermen, noted for their seafaring skills. Nowadays Hydra is a top rated cosmopolitan destination. And although she accommodates thousands of visitors every year, she preserves perfectly her alluring particularity. A particularity which is consisted by her incredibly scenic nature and her genuine folk culture.

Hydra is a calling for personal evaluation and renewal. In this sense she is a romantic destination.

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