Lesvos is one of the biggest islands of Greece, and she is abundant in almost everything. But most of all, she is abundant in life. A traditional folk life. A lively culture. In ancient times she was renowned for her lyric poetry, a folk art of the past. One can discern this poetic folk character till today, in everyday life. Lesvos is inhabited by a very festive, joyful and humorous people. Lot of picturesque villages, with quaint cobbled alleys, charming little squares and beautiful old houses, welcome heartily the visitor. The majority of them are fishing harbors and filled with fish taverns and ouzeri. Lesvians are very conversant of how to enjoy food and life.

The inland of Lesvos is covered by extensive olive groves; and the island is famed for its gentle olive oil. During the hot summers the countryside is busy by cicadas’ song, when the many long beaches are busy with the many friends of the island. Lesvos is the archetypical Greek island. Leisure, bright and open-hearted.

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