East coast: Mitilini peninsula

Τsamakia; cosmopolitan and very organized beach at the heart of the town, under the castle.
Κanoni; cosmopolitan beach atn Thermi, 10Km north of the town.
Pamphila and Panayiuda; beautiful settlements north of the town, with many small and quiet beach around them.
Κantines; mildly organized beaches next to airport, 9Km south of the town.
Haramida; organized sandy beach, 13Km south of the town.
Αyios Ermogenis; picturesque, green bay, next to Haramida.

Northeast coast

Skala Mistegnon; mildly touristically developed fishing village, 16Km from the town.
Skala Neon Kidonion; picturesque fishing village, with a nice beach and many fish-taverns, 19Km from the town.
Τsonia; beautiful red sandy beach at the NE end of the island, 12Km from Mantamados.

South coast

Vatera; huge (9Km) and very popularsandy beach, 30Km west from Plomari.
Drota;scenic pebble beach,20Km west from Plomari.
Μelinda; picturesque and popular sandy beach, 6Km west from Plomari.
Αyios Isidoros; cosmopolitan, organized sandy beach, next to Plomari.
Τarti;famous picturesque resort,18Km east from Plomari. Next to it there are many quiet, scenic bays: Ligonari, Τsilia and Phara.

West coast

Skala of Eressos; organized and populara sandy beach, with many amenities and services.
Τavari; a beautiful small fishing village, 15Km east from Eressos.
Sigri; near the picturesque fishing village there are many remote and very scenic beaches. This of Phaneromeni, north of the village, is somehow organized and popular.
Αntissa; at the north of Antissa there are the quiet beach the picturesque Gavathas and the remote beaches Lapsarna, Κambos and Paleokastro (ΑncientΑntissa). Windy places of wild beauty.

North coast

Petra; one of the main resorts of Lesvos, well organized, with many services and amenities.
Αnaksos; fine sandy beach next to Petra.
Μolivos; top destination of the island of Lesvos; world famed for its quaint beauty and with an excellent sandy beach.
Αyii Anargiri; a series of fine sandy beaches, next to the romantic thermal resort of Eftalu, near Molivos.

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