The city of Chania is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Here, the beauty of the city is coupled with her rich historical and cultural heritage, and with the closeness of a countryside exceptionally vibrant of natural and cultural beauty.

The Old Town of Chania is a gem of the Mediterranean Sea. Her medieval past is marked on every corner, and it is charmingly combined with her modern cosmopolitan life. She is a labyrinth of colourful little streets and alleys, lovely squares and open markets. The Venetian Harbour of Chania is one of the most beautiful old harbours one can see in Greece. Every Old Town stroll ends here to delight its scenic beauty and its liveliness.


  • The Venetian Arsenals and the Nautical Museum at the Venetian Harbour.

  • The medieval square Splazzia and the surrounding old churches.

  • The Archeological Museum in the old Franciscan monastery and its vivid area.

  • The quaint and lively quarter of Topanas and the ByzantineCollection at its north end.

  • The colorful Town Market and the nearby street of Stivanadika (traditional boot shops).


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