The island of Samos is a relatively medium size island at the easternmost end of the Aegean, not well-known by tourism although it has a good share of true friends. Nevertheless Samos is a place with very old and rich and truly distinctive history and character. This is acknowledged till today. Samos has a true natural beauty and a genuine folk culture, which catches visitor’s spirit. She is a place ideal for peaceful vacation and personal recreation.

Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, one of the most famed figures in world history of ideas, was one of the first European lands where vine was cultivated. Samos paved the cultural wine path from Asia Minor toward Europe. Something that still marks her life. Also she was a bridge for Asia Minor’s civilization towards Greece, in general. This attributed to her culture a certain distinctiveness and strength.

Today, visitors can enjoy her original folk culture and her genuine natural beauty. Samos is a land of openness and vigor and a libertarian spirit. Samos is an open bosom.

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