These tiny islands and islets is a hidden treasury of Aegean authenticity. This quality makes them popular among the people who look for genuineness, simplicity and calm. And yet, their popularity does not affect at all their character: they remain a romantic and peaceful destination. A place of real recreation through the experience of a life and a nature lost for the modern man.

Fournoi Korseon, or just Fournoi, is a complex of about 20 small islands, between Samos, Ikaria and Patmos; a tiny archipelago. Only the two of them, the bigger ones, are inhabited. Contrary to their small area, their lacelike shoreline has the incredible length of more than 120 Km. An endless continuum of bays and small bays into wider or deeper bays. The greater number of these are accessible only by boat, though others on foot. They host remote beaches, seals, dolphins and runaways from the big cities, who seek freedom of spotless natural beauty.

At the center of the complex lies the main settlement and harbor of the island; the Hora of Fournoi. The capital of this fishing kingdom. From here one can explore by car, with a bicycle, or on foot the central and main island, through its long network of roads and paths. These expeditions will drive one to small fishing settlements, secluded beaches and scenic landscapes.

Here one will meet a self-sufficient people, living a traditional and rich in little graces life. Here one will enjoy an excellent cuisine, based on the superb local products: fresh fish, excellent meat and cheese, fine olive oil and honey of the highest quality.

Here vacation is truly therapeutic. A return to the basics of human nature.

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