Evrytania is the most mountainous region of Greece. In fact she is totally mountainous. A place of rare and pure natural beauty. A point of reference for mountain-friendly tourists and ecotourism in Greece. Her environment is recognized as one of the cleanest in the whole of Europe.

Apart from a relatively small part around the equally small capital of the region (Karpenissi) and the Snow Resort of Velouchi-that is well-developed by tourism-the majority of the area is still living in the pace of the past. Here the traveller will discover another Greece; more genuine and candid.

High mountains with scenic gorges and wild beauty. Small villages and hamlets living a traditional life. Lovely humble old little churches, decorated in the masterly manner of simplicity of a resilient folk. Distinctive tastes and genuine hospitality. And a lot of clear sky. These are what Evrytania offers to her visitors. The experience of authenticity. A fountain of life.

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