Chios, the birthplace of Homer, the greatest poet of all times, is famed as the fragrant island. And it’s truly so. This island was known from the very distant past for its lavish nature; rich, colorful and aromatic. Kampos, the fertile valley near the town of Chios, is an excellent paradigm of this, with its lush citrus orchards, the luxuriant gardens and the elegant old mansions.

Chios is an island with great natural and cultural beauty. A regal place. One can realize this in her history, her monuments and her modern life. The South of the island is a living museum. The medieval villages of the area have a rare quaint beauty which charms the visitor. Picturesque smaller or bigger fishing settlements around the island couple with the refined character of the town. A people socially and culturally agile gives spirit to this beautiful island.

Chios is the gentle princess of the Aegean. A delight of senses.

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