Every place in Greece, and especially the islands, has its own distinctive character. Yet, Kephalonia is the epitome of distinctiveness. Though it is difficult for a foreigner to discern this special kephalonian trait, all the visitors of the island feel that there is something special about it. Kephalonia is genuine.

Here the visitor experiences a nature uniquely beautiful and a folk tradition with rare temper. In Kephalonia you will meet beaches of unparalleled beauty; some of them worldwide famous and others uknown to many. Also you will find a natural scenic environment, very rich and varied in ecolological value. Nevertheless, the cultural environment of the island will capture the soul of the visitor with its originality and directness. And all these supported by the very developed tourist services and amenities of the island.

Cosmopolitan tourism and retreat coexist in an island known for the radical humor and the liberal spirit of its people. Here one cannot come and be untouched by its experience.

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