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TRIBUTE: Autumn Destinations


Thessaloniki is a modern city and is the largest urban center of Northern Greece. It is one of the best autumn destinations and awaits to discover it.

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Limni Plastira

Autumnal atmosphere, captivating nature and tranquility. Lake Plastiras at its best! The unique landscape of the lake surrounded by green hills, the warm hospitality of traditional guesthouses and fresh air offer a unique relaxation experience.

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Orini Nafpaktia

Forests of oaks, firs and trees, crystal clear water, the river Evinos and the magnificent Evinolimni trails in ravines and forest roads in very beautiful landscapes make up the image of a region that is a pole of attraction for nature lovers.

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Also known as 'The Land of the Lakes'. A beautiful place, with architectural examples of past centuries, picturesque villages and intense natural beauty as it runs through six lakes and is surrounded by mountains with lush forests.

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Majestic mountains, green slopes and impressive gorges. Place fierce and imposing. Bridges masterpiece, monasteries built in the rocks. Villages-sites, known as Zagoria. Your trip to the beauty will help you to discover.

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A city known for fur production but also one of the most popular winter destinations. The image of the lake and the surrounding mountains will impress you!

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