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ANAXOS BAY’ which first functioned at 1997, is a modern building combined with traditional elements perfectly matching and respecting the history of the area. Being a genuine family business, each season we commit ourselves to providing our guests the best possible comfort, cleaning services and all the means to facilitate their stay while also introducing them to our heritage; the local people and their inspirational lifestyle. This makes even more sense if we consider the fact that Lesvos has been well-known for many centuries as it is blessed to be the birthplace of many well-respected ancient philosophers, poets and artists from ancient times till nowadays. ANAXOS BAY allocates 10 studios and 5 apartments capable of hosting 1 to 4 people. All of them are bright, airy, allowing the sunlight to come in, while they are also privileged with the largest balconies comparing to other same category facilities of the area. For us nothing can compare to enjoying the morning coffee by the sea view and its dew, which are so generously provided by the ocean’s morning aura. ANAXOS BAY is 150m from the beach. Following the opposite direction of that, after 200m there is the municipal surgery and the bus stop that connects our village to our neighbour villages Petra – Mithimna (Molivos) – Eftalou. There is also a ramp and we can host individuals with kinetic difficulties, this should be noted prior though in order to make the respective arrangements.
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Pipitsa's Studios - Anaxos Bay
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Pipitsa's Studios - Anaxos Bay
Αναξος Σκουτάρου 811 09, Ελλάδα
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Anaxos: Pipitsa's Studios - Anaxos Bay

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