Studio Merses

   Neo Mikro Chorio, Eyritania

Neo Mikro Chorio: Studio Merses Neo Mikro Chorio: Studio Merses Neo Mikro Chorio: Studio Merses
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The Studio Merses Hotel is located in the Old Small Village of Evrytanias, a few kilometers away from the capital of the prefecture, Karpenisi. Studio Merses was inaugurated in 2002 and was extended and renovated in 2008. It has been manufactured in the most modern way, satisfying each wish and need of its modern visitor, maintaining however the traditional architecture of the region, that is based on the combination of stone and wood. Its internal space, reception, restaurant and cafe are decorated with authentic paintings of its artist Tsiligianni. Its name was inspired from the region that it is built in. Merses: derives from a Turkish word that means '' wet landscape''. Its situation constitutes the main key of success; after all it is located at the point where Nature ''met'' three mountains: Veloychi, Kaliakoyda and Chelidona. From its garden, containing a variety of roses, everyone can admire the magical view of Potamias valley, that Karpenisiotis river creates, which flows from the Ridge of Tymfristoy, at the borderline of Evrytanias with Fthiotida, and blends into Dipotama of Proysos with Krikelioti river, leading both rivers to the lake of Kremaston. The senses of the guest are in a state of harmonious collaboration, as he enjoys the vastness of the sky when it blends in with the tall tops of the mountains and the song of the nightingales, breathing in the fresh smells of mountainous ground.
Company Name:
Studio Merses
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Studio Merses
Palaio Mikro Chorio
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Neo Mikro Chorio
Neo Mikro Chorio: Studio Merses

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General Information

Hotel Facilities

  • Parking
  • Internet Connection
  • Laundry - Dry Cleaning
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • TV
  • Wifi / Internet everywhere

Room Facilities

  • Hair dryer
  • Telephone
  • Heaters
  • Cooker, Oven-Grill
  • Shower
  • Bathtub

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