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Ioannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White PegasusIoannina: White Pegasus
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Riding for all ages and levels of knowledge in the most beautiful landscapes of Epirus , in Papigkon , one of the 46 villages of Zagoria villages in the core of the National Park of Northern Pindos . Enjoy the sunset to paint red the beautiful rocky mountains of North Pindos riding in the foothills of Astrakas ( 2,436 m ) . Also you can admire the wildlife watching eagles and Smarty hover over and hunt small mammals in the region . And a lucky day maybe tychete to see any fox , hare , the boar peering ahead or see a brown bear climbing the distant rocks . It was a life dream to have a herd of horses and we could meet in the fall of 2005 , starting the company " White Pegasus" . We started taking couples for short walks and hiking in the surrounding area in an effort to sensitize people about the ecology of the area . We hope that in the future we will be able to offer more options on routes depending on the requirements of each individual. Riding in Papigo We also hope our paths in the surrounding area of Papigo that we can offer something that anadykneiei the magic of the area . We hope everyone will leave us with a better understanding of how such a site with so much wild beauty is so special and necessary and also very simple, with an amazing experience .  Together with our love for horses , and is a love for dogs Pyrenees , and for this we combine riding and hiking with the reproduction and sale of purebred puppies Pyrenees . We hope that our puppies will be able to offer an alternative to shepherds to protect their flocks from wolves and bears and joy and protection of the families will choose for their home .  All our routes are meadows and woodlands under the commanding views of the mountaintops Astrakas with an experienced guide - rider . The horses are all trained and learned with the world , looking for love and caresses where possible.  The trails include easy and comfortable routes for beginners and connoisseurs of riding , lasting from 15 minutes to nearly two hours at places near the village. Routes that require a previous riding experience is also available, with a duration of one hour to the whole day . Future envisaged and organized night rides mountain for the more adventurous.
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White Pegasus
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Dafni Dimou
Megalo Papigo
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Ioannina: White Pegasus


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Fitness, Sports

Horseback riding


Rafting – Kayak

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