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Tsipouro is a pomacy brandy from Greece which is a strong distilled spirit containing 40-45% alcohol volume and is produced from the pomace (the residue of the wine press).

Ripe dark grapes are passed through crusher. The mass is left to settle for a few days, just enough to get fermentation started. Formerly, wine would be collected and only the solid residue would be used for tsipouro in an attempt to get the most out of the plant. This method is outdated and modern producers tend to use the whole grape mass, which is a huge improvement in quality.

In the next stage, the mass is fed into distillation units, where temperature and pressure are closely monitored. The first and last distinct batches (the 'head' and the 'tail') are discarded. Only the intermediate batch (known as the 'heart') is kept to make tsipouro. This process is repeated at least once more, giving a double or multiple distilled result.

Finally, the distillate is left to settle and mature in stainless steel tanks. It can also be aged in wooden barrels to give 'aged tsipouro', a relatively new beverage that can be compared to whiskey.

The dry (non-potable) vines of our distillery are located at an altitude of 550 meters,
and they are formed from dry stone walls on sloping slopes.

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Production of Tsipouro (Raki), Distillery Rekatsinas
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Alexandros Rekatsinas
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Karia: Production of Tsipouro (Raki)

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Months (From-To): 12 months
Days (From-To): 7 days
Hours (From-To): please contact us

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