Seize the Day with us!

   Αργυρούπολη | Arguroupoli, Athens

Αργυρούπολη | Arguroupoli: Seize the Day with us!
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If you want to visit renowned sites of history and myth

If you want to walk in paths that alternative and unknown 

If  want to see yourself in a cave or an ancient place of worship

If you want to taste the local cuisine and flavors

If you want to act and discover

THEN . . .take this opportunity ... KEDROS TRAVELING | Seize the Day with us!





Company Name:
Seize the Day with us!, KEDROS TRAVELING
Contact Person:
Ιωάννα Γάλλου | Ιοanna Gallou
Μ. Γερουλάνου 51 | M.Geroulanou 51
Zip Code:
Αργυρούπολη | Arguroupoli
Αργυρούπολη | Arguroupoli: Seize the Day with us!



Type of Service - Rentals : Tourist Agencies
Trips and Excursions
Van , Mini-Bus

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