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Welcome to Hayati ... to our own - your own traditional focus area. An area with a lot of love and care created. A childhood dream come true. About the name of the area .. T the loggia, the covered balcony which is an extension of the interior in question, a key element of the Macedonian folk architecture. The function of the semi-open space that was essential to the life of rural residents. In loggia they worked, lived, once cooked, there were growing children and spent the last years of their lives in the old family. The use of covering all seasons. All the needs of everyday life, even those that were in the room, depending on the season, only the loggia could be met. The loggia, sometimes occupies one half of the house, while customary and a limited type we call the balcony. The balcony that protrudes from the main body of the house, always sheltered and usually is enough height from the level of the courtyard which communicates with a stone or wooden staircases. Sometimes a part of the closed areas added to the house. We are waiting for you.. Its construction was made ​​from natural materials, which are worked up by local craftsmen with much art and above all respect for tradition. Used stone gathered by hand from the foot of the Sierra Belles & Timber pefko- mainly from the mountain of Lailias. The combination of wood and stone combined with the warmth of the fireplace and smells of "homemade" cuisine, carry us at times when older remember with nostalgia and younger yearn to live by the tradition lifestyle.  
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17th km. Serres - Lailias
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Serres: Hayati


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