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Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum Kavala: Tobacco Museum
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The exhibition space exhibits objects, samples of tobacco, created and maintained by experienced tobacco workers and photographic material from the cultivation, classical and commercial processing, as well as the trade of oriental tobaccos.

It is a thematic museum, which highlights the political, economic and social history of the city and the wider region of South Macedonia & Thrace, where the Basma variety was cultivated.

Kavala, due to its proximity to areas where the excellent variety of "basmas" tobacco was cultivated and its natural port, which had the ability to serve large commercial ships, concentrated in the middle of the 19th century the commercial exploitation of Balkan tobacco.

It is a city part of the Ottoman Empire, where Greeks, Ottomans, Bulgarians, Jews live. The development of the tobacco trade brings commercial houses of Europe and even Consulates of European countries in order to secure the coveted tobaccos.

Great economic growth causes dramatic changes in the society of Kavala, creating a cosmopolitan bourgeoisie, trading with Europe. The accumulation of the working population from the countryside and after the liberation, from Turkey and Bulgaria, forms a multicultural Roman trade union movement, which marks the entire Greek area.

The economic life of Kavala, as far as the tobacco trade is concerned, goes into a period of recession after 1950, with the mass importation of the "Virginia" variety of tobacco, linked to the entry of multinational capital.

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Tobacco Museum
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Kavala: Tobacco Museum


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