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The company under the name “KNOWLEDGE S.A.”, seated in Patras (No. 37, New Patras-Athens National Road), with T.I.N. 998688081, General Commercial Registry No. 034785016000, in its capacity either as a Controller of Personal Data or as a Processor on behalf of Controllers of Personal Data, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 in force since 25/05/2018 and as applicable, hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”, hereby provides you with the following information on the processing of your personal data and your rights as a data subject.

Personal Data Protection Obligation

The Company commits to protecting the personal data of visitors and/or users (registered or not) of the Company’s website and to comply with the provisions of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, as in force from time to time. The Company does not collect information concerning visitors/users’ personal data unless they provide it themselves. Personal data are requested by the Company only for the special and specific purposes mentioned herein or disclosed by any appropriate means at the time of their provision.

Personal and Corporate Data that the Company may collect

The information that constitutes personal data that we may collect is:

Who it concerns Type of Data Purpose Period of retention
Registered Tourism Enterprises Name and identity data of Entrepreneur or legal representatives or other representatives of legal entities
Tourism Enterprise Register Number,
Contact details (telephone, email, Address)
Geographical Position
VAT number
username and password
Conclusion of contract and provision of advertising services or simple display of the tourism enterprise in the tourist guide Until the enterprise requests its deletion from the tourist guide, or the deletion of an entry by the enterprise itself, provided that it is not published.
Website visitors age range,
travel purpose,
travel dates,
user profile
Creating preference-based suggestions for users. ...
Registered User age range,
age range,
travel purpose,
travel dates,
user profile,
profile photo,
registered business reviews,
registered business photos
Improving the website browsing experience. Creating preference-based suggestions for users; display of elements in reviews or photos they have listed until they delete their account

All the above information is provided either directly by the data subjects or by third parties – controllers who legally own and process them either when they communicate or we communicate with them for the first time, or when they transact with us or with third parties through the Company’s website and web pages and the services, programs and tools provided thereby, or when they visit and browse the Company's website and web pages. The provision of the above information may be made at various times and by various means, such as through a printed or electronic form, by telephone or e-mail, through a member of our staff or by one of our partners, or through the employer or a member of staff of the data subject or a third party-controller or partner thereof, or we may collect information concerning the data subject, such as when either the data subject him/herself or a third party-controller holding and lawfully processing personal data of the data subject:

  • requests information or submits any request, query, etc. through the Company’s website or in any other way using the Company’s contact information,

  • subscribes to the information service (newsletter, etc.) or to any Company promotion or survey,

  • registers and/or creates an account for the use of the services provided by the Company through its website and web pages, where the option for registered users to upload content is provided,

  • the Company’s staff visit websites on which they have posted and made the above information publicly available.

Purpose for which the Company collects and processes personal data

The Company uses the personal data it collects for the following purposes:

  • Correspondence and communication of the Company to serve the exercise of its commercial activity and the execution of its transactions.

  • Conclusion and execution of service contracts.

  • Sending information material and promotions.

Legal basis for processing

The Company processes the personal data it collects under any of the following legal bases for processing, as appropriate in each case:

  • The processing is a legal or contractual obligation of the Company.

  • The processing is necessary for the conclusion or execution of a Company contract or for the conduct and processing of Company transactions, in the context of its commercial activity.

  • The processing serves the business needs and business and commercial interests of the Company, such as the observance of its contractual and legal obligations, the defence-legal protection and exercise of its rights, or the information for and promotion of the Company’s services.

  • The data subject has previously specially, explicitly and specifically consented to the processing of the personal data in a specific manner and for a specific purpose.

Disclosure of personal data

The Company may only disclose the personal data it collects to third parties in the following cases:

  • To the staff or partners of the Company who must be aware of them in order to perform their duties and/or provide their services to the Company, in the context of the exercise of its commercial activity and under a relevant contract that includes special terms, commitments and obligations for the protection of personal data with such persons.

  • If the disclosure is mandatory by law or is the result of an order, decision, investigation, control by any competent administrative, judicial, police or other authority, etc.

  • The data subject has previously specially, explicitly and specifically consented to the disclosure of the personal data in a specific manner and for a specific purpose.

The Company does not transmit personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area

Personal data retention period

The Company retains the personal data it collects for as long as required on a case-by-case basis to satisfy the purpose of their collection and for as long as required by any applicable legislation or following the prior written, explicit and specific consent of the data subject.

Personal data security

The Company takes all appropriate organisational and technical measures to ensure data security and their protection against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access and all other unlawful forms of processing.

Rights of the data subject

In summary, the data subject has the following rights vis-a-vis the Company:

  1. Right to information:to be provided, in addition to the information mentioned in this Privacy Notice, with information about how the Company uses their personal data and about their rights.

  2. Right to access: to gain access to their own personal data and to information concerning them such as the purposes of the processing, the categories of data, their origin and recipients, if any.

  3. Right to rectification: to rectify their personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.

  4. Right to erasure: to request the erasure of their personal data when they are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes of the processing or when there is no legitimate reason for the Company to continue to use them or if they have withdrawn their consent.

  5. Right to restriction of processing: to restrict, in certain cases, the further processing of their personal data.

  6. Right to data portability: to receive the personal data concerning them and/or to request the Company to transfer them to another controller.

  7. Right of opposition: to object, at any time, to the processing of their personal data on grounds relating to a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority or in the presence of a legitimate interest, after weighing up interests, including profiling. It is noted that the Company may only proceed with profiling following the prior, special, explicit and specific consent of the data subject.

For any questions or queries regarding the use of personal data, the Company will make every effort to respond in writing to the data subject within thirty (30) days from the date of submission of the request. Within the same period of time, the Company shall inform the data subject in the event that it is unable to respond to the request on serious grounds.

In any case, this information shall be free of charge except in cases of manifestly unfounded or excessive or repeated requests, where a reasonable amount may be charged to cover the Company’s administrative expenses.

In all the above cases, and to contact us for any of the above issues, you can send us your request by email at [email protected].

Cookies Policy

The Company uses cookies to improve the services offered by its website for the benefit of users and their browsing experience. Browsers provide options that allow or block cookies. If you choose to restrict or block the use of cookies, you may experience a reduced browsing experience in the Company’s website.

The Company uses the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics, which collects anonymous statistics on the use of the Company’s websites.

  • browserId for use in oneSignal if you have accepted the sending of notifications.

  • Customer service optimisation cookie. This is used in order for the system to propose optimal / more relevant tourism content to users, based on the preferences they have entered in the system and their profile. It is retained for two (2) years

  • Session cookie (jsessionid). This is necessary for the application to function properly, to allow user login, to display search results etc. It is retained for a few hours

Changes to the Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice and the Cookie Policy at any time in order to adapt it to the Company’s privacy policy and to applicable law. The posting date of its latest version shall be indicated at the top hereof.

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