For a long time Ikaria was quite forgotten for the many. She was left to live her peaceful and leisurely traditional life. A life frugal in means but abundant in festivity and joyful spirit. The quaint distinctiveness of Ikariotes and the fascinating natural beauty of the island attracted the first friends of Ikaria. Now the island is a renown destination with ardent lovers of her unique character.

The nature of Ikaria is truly unparalleled in beauty. Scenic beaches and impressive mountains with spectacular gorges and lush valleys, constitute a wonderful landscape. An ideal scenery for summertime escapes.

The traditional life of Ikaria is worldwide renown for her unique distinctiveness and warmth. Anyone who will come to Ikaria, will be thrilled by the jovial character of her people, and will be soon part of a big feasting community. Here nothing is hurried, except the communal dance. The libertarian spirit of this people touches the soul of every visitor, and sooner or later he/she becomes a member of the place.

Ikaria offers a genuine experience of life and a chance to participate in her famed longevity.

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