This small island on the Ionian Sea is one of most known brand names of Greece. The fact that it is the stage for the most famed ancient epic poem, as the birthplace of Odysseus, has made Ithaca a common name worldwide. Nevertheless Ithaca’s fame does not culminate in her mythology. Ithaca is a little gem on the crown of the Ionian islands. A pocket paradise, discreetly hidden behind the glam of the other big and fashionable tourist destinations of the area.

Ithaca is not one more Ionian island. She has her own merit. Ithaca has a beautiful nature and picturesque little villages. She has a lot of small scenic beaches. Above all, she has her own folk tradition. A tradition rich and distinctive.

Ithaca is a place in the measure of man. A place to meet yourself. A place to return to yourself as another Odysseus.

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