Perfect destination for short trips!

The picturesque Nafplio, with the pedestrianized alleys and the wonderful beach, offers everything: Relaxed walks for the romantic, activities for the most athletic, a multitude of museums and historical monuments for the lovers of history and, especially this year, Cinema Film Festival!

Because of the short trip, you are most likely to get to Nafplion at lunchtime and you can take advantage of your day from the very first moment. Start with a walk in the city, browse through the narrow streets and end up at the Constitution Square for coffee. It is worth a visit to the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in its imposing Venetian building of the square and performs special activities for children. Select the city beach for afternoon walk and relax on the benches overlooking the Bourtzi, the characteristic sea fortress.

In Nafplio you will enjoy cycling with municipal bikes, which you get directly from the kiosk, outside the Town Hall or Kolokotroni Park. You will also find groups and special trainers for climbing, kayaking, horse riding and organized hiking. As for evening and night entertainment the choices are countless.

In Nafplion, the climb to Palamidi from the famous 999 steps. Route tiring but the view from above rewards you. Alternatively, there is the possibility to go by car. For friends of art, the annex of the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum is in the center of the city. Also visit the War Museum that includes objects from 1821 until World War II. Particularly original is the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation "Vasilios Papantoniou" with its unique exhibits, as well as the Museum of Peppermint. If you are by car, visit the archaeological site of Tirintha, just 10 minutes from Nafplio, and is a UNESCO-protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With so many choices in such a beautiful city, the three days will be unforgettable. Favorite destination for the company, for the couple, for the whole family. Whoever you go with, is sure you will all be great!

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