In the western romantic tradition, the name of Arcadia was identified with the absolute idyllic utopia. The visitor of the region can understand the reason for this. Arcadia is a place of elevated beauty. Athough she is very mountainous, she retains a sense of gentleness and comfort. Her nature and culture is calm and serene, generous in impressions and friendly.

Traditional villages and life, natural and historical monuments, mountainous and coastal scenery, everything here is disposed not to impress, but rather to cherish the visitor; to make him/her feel at his/her true home. Ancient Greeks regarded Arcadia as the absolute origin of human race, and the Arcadians the older of human civilizations. This ancient romantic stance speaks volumes for the sense which Arcadia made on their imagination. This also describes the sense which a modern visitor can receive from this fine place.

Arcadia is a place of recreation in the most genuine sense.

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