Patmos was for centuries, till recently, a remote, tiny, rocky island known only as the place where the Apocalypse of St John was written. A sacred place, forgotten in its privation. Today Patmos is a classy cosmopolitan destination, worldwide renown. Her medieval village of Chora is regarded as one of the most beautiful and outstanding traditional settlements in the Mediterranean region. A world architectural heritage. The compilation of the Patmian traditional architecture of Chora with the imposing Byzantine fortified monastery, which crowns the settlement, creates one of the most famed and stunning settled images.

This beauty attracted to Patmos numerous visitors from around the world. And they, in their turn, discovered the other great feature of the island: its scenic landscape. Patmos has beaches of rare and exotic beauty. This beauty has created an alternative tourist stream to the island; that of the lovers of its recreational charms.

Today Patmos is a top destination, acclaimed for both her traditional-cultural and her natural appeal. Patmos is a revelation of beauty.

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