The region of Rethymno is a treasury of Cretan identity. Nothing of all that has made Crete a world famed destination is lacking here: Unparalleled natural beauties, stunning beaches, scenic plateaus and gorges. A deep-rooted cultural tradition, modern and folklore. Historical and cultural monuments of more than five millennia continuity. Picturesque and hospitable villages with vivid folk societies and a world reputed culinary tradition. Tourist services and amenities of high quality, for any type of traveller. Rethymno fascinates the visitor by its distinctive and authentic character.

At the North of the region situates the City of Rethymno, a place of unique civic charm. Medieval and modern at the same time. At the heart of the region stands the mythical mountain of Psiloritis, the crown of Crete, and the area of Amari, the living museum of Cretan medieval folk culture. At the South of the region you will meet the unrivaled exotic natural beauty of Crete.

Explore the hidden treasures of Cretan life and nature, and you will experience a rare personal enrichment.

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