This robust and distinctive, for its folk character, island is renowned for its marine tradition, its mountainous landscape, and its people. Kalymnos has a deep-rooted society, with archaic origins and a special and longstanding relation with the sea. Famous sailors, fishermen and sponge divers.

Kalymnos has a lot of beautiful quiet beaches, some touristically developed, others raw and remote, ideal for low profile vacations. Nevertheless, her breathtaking cliffs have made Kalymnos a worldwide popular destination of climbing lovers and naturists in general. This aspect of Kalymnos’ tourism has given her a certain youthful cosmopolitan character.

Kalymnos has a strong identity, which is clearly discernible even during the tourist high season. This identity, cultural and natural, makes her an ideal destination for those whom look for genuineness and originality. For true beauty.

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