Rhodes is one of the most renown tourist destinations in the whole Mediterranean region. A top resort since the times tourism was a privilege of the few. And right so. Because Rhodes is a place abundant in almost everything a holidaymaker looks for. Tourist services and amenities of any sort and of top quality: from real luxury resorts to peaceful and romantic refuges. Miles of excellent beaches; both highly organized ones and remote nooks of beauty. A nature thriving of life and beauty. Settlements of unique architectural character and charm. Monuments and sights of unparalleled appeal. Festivals, amusements, and endless nigthlife. Rhodes is too much.

The medieval Fortress with the Old Town of Rhodes is a World Heritage Site, famed for its quaint beauty and aura. The traditional town of Lindos is one of the most picturesque settlements of the Aegean. Crowned by her magnificent Acropolis and bathing in her scenic bay, Lindos is one of the most wonderful places one can experience.

The countryside of the island is a paradise of natural beauty. The Valley of the Butterflies offers to the visitor a rare and magical experience. The whole island is adorned with ancient monuments, medieval monasteries and picturesque villages with a vivid traditional life.

Rhodes is a marvel. Something well beyond a popular resort.

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