The region of Karditsa is a hidden treasure of the Greek inland. Far from the main tourist destinations, she preserves her natural and folk beauty as a precious heritage.

The visitor will find here a deep-rooted folk tradition and a genuine natural beauty. Natural and historical monuments combine in a whole which supports the experience of an authentic traditional life.

The City of Karditsa is known for her tidy and calm beauty, and for her vivid cultural life.


The tourist developed area of Lake Plastira is one of the most known destinations for her scenic beauty in Greece.

The mountainous area of Argithea (Thessalian Agrafa), with one of the purest natural environments in Europe, is waiting to be explored by the traveller who looks for genuine natural beauty and traditional life.

The whole region is a summary of Greek folk way of life: a mixture of austerity with a special love for life. Restrain and joviality at once. An ethos which combines tradition and open mind. This is the people of Thessaly. A hospitable world.

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